Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am trying something new for me. I am making charms. Since I am not very profficient at doing jewellry, I'm afraid these may not be what was required for my swap. Not sure of the size. These are about the size of a quarter. I am using paper clay which air drys so I don't have to "cook" anything. I must admit that they were lots of fun and I really liked trying to do all the shapes. Hope someone will give me a yea or nay on whether these are OK.

I used some glimmer mist on one or two but I can't see any difference. Oh yes, and just a little sparkle with my red stickles.

My next photo is of some hat pins that I made for another swap. They were fun too. I had lots of odds and ends of beads so didn't have to purchase anything in order to take part in this swap. I had been rather reluctant to join any more swaps, feeling a little less than able to create anything but things seemed to be turning around and I am doing more art now. Maybe Spring is really on its way!! Hope I can get all my swaps mailed out in time. Saturday will be post office day and then its on to more projects. Not sure what I will tackle next. I think I will do some more journalling and perhaps get back into ATCs.
Cheerio for now....


Wendy said...

Wow, I don't know what your swap was looking for but these look great. It does sound like a lot of fun too. Oh if only I could find a little extra time today!!

Michelle Casey said...

I didn't know there was paper clay that air dried, Ruth! I love your charms. The assortment of beads on your pins are simply beautiful.

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