Saturday, June 12, 2010

Queen of the Night

Our Queen of the Night plant finally flowered! It only flowers once and at night. We were able to get a bunch of photos this time. It flowered last year but we missed it. My son (who brought the plant home) was pretty excited. It is a huge flower and very aromatic.


Tried my hand at some Steampunk. Not really sure what to do but jumped in and tried. We were asked to make a necklace out of a small tin but I am not sure if anyone will want to wear what I did as it seems so large. Had lots of fun looking for old bits and borrowed my son's tin snips to do some parts. I made this into a little memory box - it just felt right! I used crackle and alcohol inks on the front, alcohol inks on the sides and inside. There is also some distress ink smooshed in there in places. I have to send this off in the mail on Monday. Hope my partner is OK with this - I actually like it which is unusual for me. Oh well, off to try a couple of other things to see if I can get the stuff out of my head into some form on my craft table. Not feeling too spectacular today - sinus with a touch of bronchitis. Maybe crafting will make everything feel so much better.

Here are a couple of pics of my steampunk project.

Little foxes

Little foxes

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