Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Finished my second journal page. Now I need to start the next page. I am really unsure of how to proceed. Guess the best thing to do is just sit and see what comes to mind. If you have any good ideas, leave me a comment.

Cinderella shoe

Finally finished my Cinderella show. Turned out not too bad. I might even try another one. I had to fight with the glue part but eventually figured out the best way to do it. Second time should be better. I'm thinking that it would make a great centerpiece for a little Princess birthday cake. A glass shoe would be better but harder to make. I am going to try to do a shoe in clay to see what I can do with that. Pictures to follow...

Blog hop

I did a little blog hopping tonight and saw some fabulous art. Check it out and you could even win some yummy stuff - Enjoy the tour!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Woohoo! Got my first journal page done. Its nothing fabulous but its done. Now to work on the rest. Feels more like pulling teeth than free flowing art but guess that will come with practice.
To be continued.....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I attended a Vision Board workshop and this is the result. It certainly shows that "my" time is at hand. It was very enlightening and the end result was far different that I imagined it would be. The teacher was excellent and had so many ideas for us to use. Here is the link to her site. Enjoy your visit -

New year, new start

Happy 2011!!
I hope this year is an artfilled one for everyone.
I plan to update my blog more often and post more art projects that I complete. This year its all about me and my art and I want to really get into it. I have great plans for new projects and new techniques to try out.
Here are a few projects leftover from December. A couple of scraplings and a calendar page that I traded with my AFTCM group. I am working on my daily journal and will post pictures of the pages as I do them. I did a couple of small cards too but that is not at all what I enjoy. Need more practice.

I'm very excited to start my new journal project. I'll post my process. All I need to do is work in my journal 10 minutes a day. This may be the start of a wonderful art journey.

Little foxes

Little foxes

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