Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here is my Halloween box done for a swap. It was lots of fun, combining painting and paper. My hubby liked the cat so much that he wants me to do one for home.

I also have done some Christmas tags. One is finished except for the string. The other I'm not
sure if I'm done or not. Will post once I make up my mind.

This last ATC is one that I was just playing with to pass some time. It has no title but was interesting as I changed my mind a couple of times on how to actually do it. I will be convalesing in January after gallbladder surgery so hope to be able to sit and sketch out some ideas that are floating around in my head. I'm sure that I will have succumbed and joined a few more swaps.

I have joined a small group doing Journal/Book pages. We swap books once a month and do something on a page then swap again. Here is my first attempt. I finished off something that one of the others had started.

I also tried a journal page for myself to get a little more comfortable with it. I am relatively happy with it for now. Need to work on a second one and see where that takes me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trying something new for me again. Here is my first greeting card and some domino jewellery. Used an napkin for the card pic and the dominoes are alcohol inked and beaded. I really enjoyed the jewellery and plan to take some classes to make a better finished piece for next time. Not so sure about the cards - Its not really my thing but was fun to try. Must go to finish up a gothic arch for a trade. Will post when done. There is just so much out there to try, it's hard to sit still and finish one piece without wanting to dive right in and do something completely different next. Ah well, there's always tomorrow....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fav photos

Here are a few photos taken last year and this summer that turned out quite well.

Outside my box Painting

This is my attempt at a new style of painting. I saw iton YouTube and had to try it. Mine didn't turn out half as nice as the one online but I had a lot of fun trying. Guess it wasn't too bad because now my daughter is trying one. I am going to try another in a week or so. Its done using joint compound, acrylic tube paints and liquitex gloss. Look for BozzoArt and you will see how he does his stuff. This is a real dive off the deep end for me as I am really used to tole painting. I will have to plan the next one a little more carefully and use a smaller canvas (actually its masonite - 1/4"). Stay tuned for more offbeat efforts!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New art group

I have joined a new group called Art for the Creative Mind. It looks to be a great group as they do a wide assortment of art and use lots of techniques and products. I think I will be able to let myself explore a great many art forms and have a ball with all the ideas I have now in my head. I will post as I create.

Treasure ATC for an ArtChix trade

This is my little beach fairy who's been beachcombing. I even used pure Nova Scotia sand at her feet.
This summer seems not to be making much progress. Rather like me. I have planned to do lots of art this summer but a basement renovation has gotten in the way. My husband has assigned me the task of turning my large collection of stuff into a small box of stuff. What a task! However, I amazed my family by giving away/throwing away a large assortment of dear to my heart items. I guess better to send them off now and have more room for new stuff. How do you ask an arts and crafts person to reduce their collection?? Oh well - I have accomplished it. Hopefully I will get one or two "art" days next week to try my hand at some new techniques. I tried one sample but it didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to. I will post a photo later.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I took a little trip around some blogs and found this very cool site. Go here to check it out for a really neat giveaway -

Monday, February 16, 2009

My attempt at Helga's challenge. It was great fun. I'm going to be trying this again! I used my watercolour crayons for the background and a blend of Artchix stuff and odds and ends from my "remnents" drawer. Trying to keep everything small was hard but fun to make stuff work for me.
Am thinking that I will get a friend to exchange a set of designed squares and then we can each embellish them and send back to each other. It will be neat to see new ideas.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Here are my red Twinchies

These little Twinchie cards are 2x2" and it was not as easy as I thought it might be. This trade is for Artchix and since I have to use their stuff, it feels a little limiting. I am fairly happy with how some of these turned out. I have four more left to do, so Saturday will be a busy day. Also need to do my card for my monthly swap.

Little foxes

Little foxes

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