Monday, September 6, 2010

New projects

Fall is definitely in the air here. The grandkids say it feels like Halloween. At last the really hot muggy weather has disappeared.

I finally found some time to spend in my craft room. Since I have started re-organizing it, I had to put everything in boxes to move furniture around to make way for my new storage unit. So far it is great. I would like to get another if I can make room. Now I have to unpack everything and put it away in some kind of logical order (no easy task for me who forgets just about everything). My husband tells everyone that if I put it away its not only in a safe place but filed under forgot. I sure hope this new reorg means that I will finally know where stuff is and not have to spend 3 hours searching for what I want and find it in a very unlikely spot.

New storage unit (bins)

I am in a domino book swap with my Creative Mind group and actually finished it on time. Not sure if its what is expected but hope my partner is OK with what I did. I also sent my I Hear a Symphony ATC's but forgot to take pics. Hope my partner does so that I can post here.

Ready to mail


Front side of book

Back side of book

My next project is two Witchy torso tags. I have some ideas but first need to print off the template. Will post when I get them done.

My last big project is a calendar. I have 12 pages of the month of May to do. Lots of ideas rolling around in my noggin but need to get them on paper so that I can firm things up. Hope to be able to post a sample soon. I've got some Christmas projects to do too but can't post until after Christmas because you never know who is being naughty and trying to peek.

Got myself some flower dies this weekend and oooh are they fun. I have tried making flowers out of almost everything. Need to pick 8 to send off for a swap so will sign off now and try to post a little more often.


Francine said...

Love all your pretty things on your blog. Hugs, Francine

Michelle Casey said...

Ruth, I love your book, it's simply beautiful! Michelle

Peggy B said...

You did a wondeful job on the Domino book. I have never worked with them, but now would love to!

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Little foxes

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